Furnishings & Interior

Lino cut ‘above sea’ marine elements feature in this luxury wallpaper in the collection ‘Aqua Marine’ with the model wearing our custom t-shirt in the pattern ‘bit’s and bob’s’ – grey.
Who wouldn’t want to cosy up and delve into a good read surrounded by this coral reef, duck feathered cushion and sip on a hot cocoa in our mustard linear deep mug. Both providing luxury to anyone’s quick 10 minute chill time.
One of our many luxury textured wallpapers in the new collection Aqua Marine. Feel like you’ve dived right into the depths of the ocean with this climbing seaweed pattern. Gorgeous cool and calming tones to settle anyone’s mood to relaxation.
Who wouldn’t want this chic jellyfish cushion in their lives?
Bring bundles of energy into your home with the textured wallpaper ‘Sea Urchins’ Navy, also available in White and Grey.